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UI Design


MK Swan Website

MK Swan is one of the biggest one of the first major freelancing projects to date. The design process includes designing the company's logo, colour themes and brand identity. 


The website is designed through WIX to provide a multi-platform experience for users to access information and resources that the company provides. 

landing page.png

BCR Landing Pages

Working as a graphics designer at BCR has provided a lot of opportunies to design multiple landing pages ranging from informational pages to promotional events. Majority of the landing pages is designed for a temporary period depending on the promotion.

Each project has been a rewarding experience to explore different themes and styles to suit the targeted audience and learning how to design impactful landing pages.

Graphics Design

Below is a series of freelance commission work that been done over the past few months . Each design is curated to suit the client's style and needs. These commissions requests come from a variety of clients, some are used for business purposes and others for personal hobbies and interests.

I have also explored GIF designs for BCR for their promotional events that have been displayed on multiple platforms.


UX Case Studies

Coming soon...

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