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The AusKitch is an Interior Architect project that reimagines the Australian barbecue in a way that embodies the multicultural growth this country continuously strives for. By creating a space that allows many cuisines to be prepared and enjoyed, AusKitch has the potential to become a design that is implemented in public spaces nationally. Users of this space are encouraged to socialise and play in a manner that brings groups of people together in to a reimagined park setting. The single table that follows the length of the space, allows different groups and cultures to observe different methods of cooking as well as incite socialisation with new people. 


The elevated table represent the traditional park setting is merged into one kitchen. The chains of the hanging table is the glorification of the traditional park swings which is an iconic setting within the Australian Barbeque. The shelter in which everything is placed under is a complex system which follows a hexagonal grid, it reimagines shelters that are typically found in parks, playgrounds and schools, as well as doubling as a system that collects water through a series of tubes that flow to a central water tank. This shelter, as well as the hanging herb gardens that users are encouraged to collect their garnishes from, assist in the aesthetic intricacy of the overall design. Overall, AusKitch is a revolutionary design for kitchens and public spaces for gathering, and carries an important message to the community regarding multiculturalism and the many cuisines that can be enjoyed.


UTS Interior Architecture Team: Jennifer Zhou, Viron Tetelepta, Bobbie Hansen

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